Part of our Bankruptcy Tuesday series

Welcome to March! This month I’d like to talk about budgeting. It’s a topic that many people talk about, but few actually practice. Budgeting is important whether you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy (or trying to avoid doing so), you’re in a bankruptcy right now, you’ve completed a bankruptcy and want to improve your life going forward, or have never considered bankruptcy but want to have better control of your cash flow. In other words, just about everyone could benefit from it. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “I can’t possibly keep track of all my expenses.” But how can you improve your situation if you don’t know where your money goes? I’d suggest that you can’t. Does this mean you have to carry a notebook around with you and write down every time that you spend money? You could, but there are lots of apps (many of them free) available to simplify the process, such as Mint, Pocketguard, YNAB (You Need A Budget), Mvelopes, Goodbudget, to name a few. So this month, let’s focus on why you might want to budget, when you absolutely must budget, and how to go about it. Stayed tuned!

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