1. What is a Slip & Fall Case?

    Part of our Personal Injury Thursdays series What is a Slip & Fall case? First, there must be an injury or accident (the Slip & Fall) that happened on someone else’s property or land. Second, the Slip & Fall must have happened because the property was unsafe and the owner did not use o…Read More

  2. Who Needs Budget Planning Anyway?

    Part of our Bankruptcy Tuesday series Welcome to March! This month I’d like to talk about budgeting. It’s a topic that many people talk about, but few actually practice. Budgeting is important whether you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy (or trying to avoid doing so), you’re in a bankrupt…Read More

  3. What Happens at Mediation?

    Part of our Workers’ Compensation Wednesdays series Mediation is dispute resolution. It happens after a troubleshooter is unable to successfully resolve the claim for coverage. At mediation, your attorney or advocate will exchange medical records and information with the attorney or workers’ com…Read More

  4. Your Tax Return Questions Answered

    Part of our Bankruptcy Tuesday series This month we’ve been talking about tax returns, when you’re going to have to supply a copy to the trustee, and how the return might be helpful to the trustee. This week I’d like to wrap up the subject of tax returns with a few quick observations. What wou…Read More

  5. What is the Difference between SSDI and SSI?

    Part of our Social Security Fridays series The Social Security Administration offers two programs that pay monthly benefits to individuals who are unable to work due to disabling medical conditions. One of them is Social Security Disability Insurance, otherwise referred to as “SSDI” or “Title …Read More

  6. What is a Health Insurance Lien in a Personal Injury Case?

    Part of our Personal Injury Thursdays series Medical bills can be difficult, especially when they are from a motor vehicle accident injury. Payments made for your injuries may result in a lien asserted by your own Health Insurance Plan. This is for an accident in which you were found not at fault. W…Read More

  7. How Do I Prepare for Mediation?

    Part of our Workers’ Compensation Wednesdays series Want to know what to do once you receive a Notice of Mediation? It is important to contact the attorney or insurance adjuster that will be appearing at the mediation on behalf of the employer/insurer. You or your representative should gather medi…Read More

  8. Filing Taxes Under Chapter 13

    Part of our Bankruptcy Tuesday series The bankruptcy topic this month is tax returns. This week, we’re going to talk specifically about Chapter 13 debtors. In Chapter 13, in addition to supplying the Chapter 13 trustee with tax returns for the two most recent tax years prior to filing, a debtor is…Read More

  9. Bankruptcy Tuesdays

    Last month we talked about tax refunds, when you might have to pay any tax refunds you receive to the trustee, and when you would not have to. This month we’re going to discuss a different aspect of taxes; specifically tax returns that you will have to provide to the trustee. When you file a bankr…Read More

  10. Personal Injury Thursdays

    I don’t have health insurance, and I’ve used up Med Pay. Now what? If you have used your Med Pay benefits and do not have any other health insurance, you may be concerned that you cannot afford treatment for your injury. First, ask your health care provider if they have free care or reduced pric…Read More