1. Personal Injury Thursdays

    Who pays your medical bills after a motor vehicle accident? Last week we discussed Medical Payments (also known as “Med Pay”) coverage under your own motor vehicle insurance. It is important for you to use the available Med Pay first, even if you have other health insurance benefits (either priv…Read More

  2. Workers’ Compensation Wednesdays

    Who should you inform of your injury? Notification to your employer that you have been injured means that you must inform a supervisor or other management personnel of your injury, including how you were hurt and what injuries you received. As discussed in an earlier post, to prevent denial of your …Read More

  3. Bankruptcy Tuesdays

    For the previous three weeks, we have been talking about tax refunds, how you could be required to pay those refunds to the bankruptcy trustee, and possible ways to avoid having to pay. One of the options was to delay filing your bankruptcy case until you receive your refund. However, if you do elec…Read More

  4. Social Security Fridays

    When should I apply for Social Security Disability benefits? If you do not think you are able to work on a full-time basis in any type of job, then you should consider completing an application for Social Security Disability benefits. You may complete an application at any time, but in order for you…Read More

  5. Personal Injury Thursdays

    Last week, we discussed seeking medical attention for injuries from a motor vehicle accident promptly. A source to help pay for medical care is motor vehicle insurance Medical Payments coverage. In Maine, all drivers must have motor vehicle insurance, which includes Medical Payments coverage with a …Read More

  6. Workers’ Compensation Wednesdays

    After you inform your employer that you have been injured, there are several things your employer is required to do. Your employer must complete a document known as the First Report of Injury and provide you with a copy of that document. Your employer must also report the injury to the workers’ co…Read More

  7. Bankruptcy Tuesdays

    This month we’ve been discussing tax refunds and how that may impact your bankruptcy case. Generally, refunds due to you are assets of the bankruptcy estate, and may be claimed by the bankruptcy trustee. Last week we discussed an exception to that rule, where the tax refund is due to the earned in…Read More

  8. Social Security Fridays

    What benefits can I get from Social Security, and how do I apply? The Social Security Administration pays benefits that fall into four basic categories: (1) retirement; (2) disability; (3) dependent; and (4) survivors. Online applications for retirement and disability benefits can be found on the So…Read More

  9. Personal Injury Thursdays

    If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is always a good idea to seek medical treatment right away. Some people assume that the aches and pains will go away after a few days and do not seek treatment until days or weeks after the accident. In order to prove medical damages, there mu…Read More

  10. Workers’ Compensation Wednesdays

    All employers in the state of Maine are required to have a type of insurance known as Workers’ Compensation that offers benefits to employees who are injured on the job. If you are hurt while working, the most important thing you need to do is let your employer know right away! Failing to inform y…Read More