1. A Few Words about Cell Phone Use While Driving

    The managing attorney at McCue Law Office recently asked me to look into what several of us thought was a new state law regarding the use of mobile devices while driving. As it turns out, the “new law” was just a bill that was defeated in the legislature during the spring, conflated in our minds…Read More

  2. What a Recent Supreme Court Case Means for You

    In my last piece, I provided some basic warnings about traffic stops and other encounters with law enforcement. Now we have an update, hot off the bench of the nation’s highest court. In late April of 2015, the US Supreme Court issued a decision in the case Rodriguez v. United States that will aff…Read More

  3. Use Caution When Speaking with Law Enforcement

    Law enforcement officers, whether city, county, state, or federal, perform vital functions for public safety. They find missing children, get drunken drivers off the road, investigate motor vehicle crashes, and so on. Nonetheless, sometimes it is not in a person’s best interest to voluntarily prov…Read More

  4. A Few Basic Tips for Injured Workers

    I get a fair number of calls from people who have been hurt on the job and want some legal advice, sometimes leading to an attorney-client relationship. Certain questions come up frequently, and I think it would be apropos to offer some essential workers’ compensation information in this space. …Read More

  5. Comments on Court Orders

    Returning to my theme of seemingly obvious legal advice that bears mentioning, I want to emphasize the need to comply with court orders. When a court orders you to do something or not to do something, about 99.9% of the time you must comply. Again, this seems very obvious, perhaps insultingly obviou…Read More

  6. Always Show Up!

    Lawyers are educated and trained on complicated matters of legal substance and process, yet we sometimes (or often) find ourselves in the position of counseling clients about things that seem like matters of common sense. So, let’s imagine another courtroom scene, aided by another script-like desc…Read More