Real estate law is a unique and specialized area of practice, and our real estate lawyers are trained to deal with issues particular to this field. We also have the experience to deal with any problems that may arise. Whether you are buying your first home, flipping your 10th property, or anything in between, we’re here to help! Each transaction between a lender and a buyer is unique, and we are committed to helping you feel comfortable and confident with your investment. Contact a Hampden Title real estate lawyer today to get started.

Hampden Title Real Estate Attorneys – Division of McCue Law Office

Hampden Title was created in 2000 as a sub-agency of McCue Law Office Bangor, which has been serving the real estate needs of Maine people and businesses for over 35 years. Our real estate attorneys and staff are committed to providing quick, accurate, and high-quality work with excellent customer service, understanding, and compassion. 

Our law firm has the knowledge and skill to handle every aspect of your real estate transaction, from drafting the relevant documents to searching the title and clearing any title problems, to organizing and executing the closing. In addition, we can work with all the local banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies to assist in closing your home loan.

The Best Legal Services for Real Estate Closings in Maine

When it comes to our clients, we offer nothing less than the best. Our superior legal services allow us to ensure the rights and interests of each and every client that we serve. The legality of real estate can be hard to understand, especially as the industry changes over the years. Buying houses, selling land, flipping properties, and other real estate transactions need to be in the best interest for all parties involved. 

We can handle the hassle of the necessary documentation, loans, and more. For years, Hampden Title has been the best option for anyone dealing with real estate closings in Maine. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Debra K. McCue – Esq.

Debra McCue obtained her B.A. in Business at the University of Maine in Orono. She also participated in a Master’s Program for Social Work at the University of Connecticut. She obtained her J.D. in 1997 from the New England School of Law, and became a role model at the school and an example to women who have young children. She is proud of showing others that a career in law is attainable for mothers. 

Debbie, a mother of five children, would board a plane in Bangor, at 6:20am and fly to Boston three times a week to attend classes. And she would return home in time for dinner, baths, and bedtime. Deb McCue was also an accomplished member of the Robinson Ballet for nearly 20 years. Debbie is happy to help anyone in need of reliable real estate services, so give her a call at Hampden Title today!