Part of our Workers’ Compensation Wednesdays series

Want to know what to do once you receive a Notice of Mediation? It is important to contact the attorney or insurance adjuster that will be appearing at the mediation on behalf of the employer/insurer. You or your representative should gather medical records prior to the mediation and forward these to the other party involved. It may be helpful to reach out to the opposing party. Discuss with them why the claim is being disputed. That way, you can prepare documentation relating to the dispute. Bring these documents with you to the scheduled meeting. They will be useful to the mediator in helping the parties reach an agreement. The mediation stage of a claim can be very helpful to injured employees, who should be prepared to discuss how the injury occurred, identify any dates on which the employee suffered lost time at work due to the injury, and be able to identify medical treatments received and the names of the medical providers. The more information offered at mediation, the more successful the mediation is likely to be.

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