Workers’ Comp: Benefits Of Joining A Union

August 7, 2019

Did you know that union workers are sixty percent more likely than non-union workers to receive workers’ compensation benefits?

Here at McCue Law, our workers’ compensation attorneys are here to help workers navigate worker’s compensation claims. In the unfortunate situation that you are injured at work, worker’s compensation insurance covers your medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. Better worker’s compensation insurance is just one of the things your union can help you with. Many workplaces in Bangor and the surrounding Maine area have labor or trade unions that you can join — and we encourage you to consider whether joining is right for you. 

Today on the McCue Law Office blog, we’re discussing what unions, how they can help you with workers’ compensation insurance, and other benefits of joining a union. If you’re thinking about filing a workers’ compensation claim or just want to learn more about the process, get in touch with one of our workers’ compensation attorneys today.

What Is A Union?

A labor union or trade union is an organized group of workers who unite to collectively meet and negotiate with management. Unions work together to improve worker’s conditions in any area that affect you and your job — including wages, benefits, and working conditions. Having a union gives you a stronger, collective voice and can help make your workplace stronger and a better place to work. Unions help create more harmony and equity in the workplace.

Unions are democratic organizations that are intermediaries between employers and workers — just like workers’ compensation attorneys are intermediaries between you and the legal system. 

Unions And Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a confusing process, and it is especially difficult to handle worker’s compensation claims when you are focused on healing from your injuries. Our worker’s compensation attorneys help you navigate the legal process, and we also believe that one of the best ways you can be prepared for the possibility of a work-related injury and subsequent worker’s comp claim is by knowing your rights as an employee. Learn more about workers’ compensation law in Bangor.

While all employees are protected by state and national law in worker’s compensation claims, in some cases, union workers have more employee protection than non-union workers. Like a worker’s compensation attorney, a union can advocate for your rights and help you get compensation. Here are a few ways unions can help if you are injured on the job:

  • Workers have easier access to information about their benefits, filing procedures, and waiting periods for filing a claim than non-union workers.
  • Union supervisors are more likely to inform workers about benefit procedures. 
  • Union supervisors are less likely to discourage workers from filing worker’s compensation claims.
  • Union workers are less likely to fear being penalized — such as being denied a promotion — for filing a claim because they have the collective bargaining power from their union to support them. 



Negotiating Better Pay

One of the main benefits of being part of a union is that unions negotiate wages on their member’s behalf. Collective bargaining can help make sure that you earn what you deserve! 

In addition to a higher wage, union workers also enjoy wage increases on a regular basis. It can be incredibly demoralizing to feel stuck in a job where you’ll never be able to get a raise. A union helps negotiate with your employer and together they agree on collective wage terms such as an annual raise for all employees.

Better Working Conditions

You shouldn’t have to work under harsh, unsafe conditions. For over a century, unions have advocated for workers rights — which include better working conditions. The labor movement, driven by unionized workers, led efforts to stop child labor, give workers health benefits, and provide aid to workers who retired. The earliest recorded strike in the US occurred in 1768 and unions have been fighting for worker’s rights ever since.

Provide Job Security

Unions help ensure worker’s job security by making sure that a union worker is not fired without a valid reason. Before an employer fires a union worker, it must give a concrete reason, which means that you won’t be fired for an arbitrary or unfair reason. 

Union workers also have access to training provided by their unions. These training can improve your skills and make you a more valuable employee, which can also increase your job security. 

Other Benefits Of Joining A Union

Unions give you a voice in the workplace in all areas of collective bargaining. Along with the benefits previously discussed, unions can also help with:

  • Work hours
  • Health Insurance
  • Vacation and Sick Leave
  • Tuition Reimbursement

Unions can help you no matter what kind of work you do. Miners, plumbers, teachers, pilots, and bakers are just a few of the types of unionized workers. Educate yourself and learn what options are available for you in the workplace! 

McCue Law Office Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Bangor

McCue Law Office in Bangor is a small firm specializing in personal injury, bankruptcy, social security disability, workers’ compensation, and real estate. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are committed to helping workers across the state of Maine get the compensation they deserve. Put our 30 years of experience to work for you! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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